Habitat for Humanity is working in nearly 70 countries worldwide. In 2016, we launched our first global advocacy campaign, Solid Ground, to advocate for policies and systems that improve access to land for shelter. Now, a few months after the campaign passed its second anniversary in March 2018, which is also the midway point in the campaign, we are celebrating that 40 countries are implementing the Solid Ground campaign — that is over 50% of the countries that Habitat for Humanity is working in! The two most recent countries to join the campaign are Haiti and Jamaica. See our full list of countries implementing the campaign and keep up to date with their progress.

We are so excited to see the momentum grow and the impact deepen. The work happening in those 40 countries is bringing our vision into reality; creating a world in which everyone has access to a safe and decent place to live. Read more about how the campaign is addressing land rights through increasing tenure security, advocating for gender equality, slum upgrading, and working towards disaster resiliency.

We are so excited to see the momentum grow and the impact deepen. However, do not take our word for it. See what people who are implementing the campaign or have been impacted through campaign efforts say about it:

“I never imagined that one day I would be having a house of my own. This land and house has given me and my family a future to look forward to.” – Chitra, who with support from Habitat for Humanity India and the Solid Ground campaign petitioned the government for rights to her land after being displaced by floods.

“As a widow living in Lesotho, I know the dire need for effective and comprehensive women’s inheritance and property rights, which must be both legally and culturally upheld, and as a part of the campaign I play a part in strengthening policy and changing systems so that women in Lesotho will no longer share my experience.” –Bohlokoa Mokhotho, advocacy specialist, Habitat for Humanity Lesotho, sharing why her work is of personal importance to her.

“The global Solid Ground campaign is very important to us because it has validated the work that we all have been doing for many years.” – Alberto Benitez Salem, national director, Habitat for Humanity Honduras, on the policies Habitat has undertaken to improve municipal land and housing policies across Honduras.

“We want to help people understand how many people don’t have access to the land on which they live. And the campaign is designed to mobilize people to join us in calling for more Solid Ground.” –Jenny Williams, chief executive, Habitat for Humanity Northern Ireland, speaking of Habitat’s work supported by a European Development Education and Awareness Raising grant.

Shared of: http://solidgroundcampaign.org/blog/reaching-solid-ground-40-countries


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