.The Braced Team with the CBT (Community Builders Trainees) under went the task of building “Community Garbage Receptacles” strategically placed for vulnerable residents residing on the narrow lanes where garbage trucks do not have access to remove garbage cleaning them up.

The overall list was then presented to the National Solid Waste Management Authority for them to assist with the decision on which areas were accessible to the garbage trucks and the focus was then placed on building receptacles in those areas.

Despite the NSWMA’s approval, the Portmore Municipal Council (PMC) had to give final approval on where receptacles could be located.  Based on their own criteria, elaborated in the meetings, selected sites were either accepted or rejected. The project was requested to present drawings of the receptacle to be built in the Municipality.  Once the drawing was approved then PMC visited the area with the BRACED WASH team to ensure that each site met their approval.

Community Approved location
Naggo Head 3 on Port Henderson Road
2 on Newland Road
Gregory Park Dover avenue

Stephens’s Avenue

Portmore Villas



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